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Wrestling Program

Program Info

When: November 1st, Practice 2 days per week 

Competition:  We will have four competition dates (two weekday match nights and two Sunday tournaments)

Ages: K-5th grade (recommended that wrestlers are 6 and older)

Practice: Practice is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday/Thursday at Lovett 6:30-8:00 PM

Includes: T-Shirt, shorts, and singlet

Registration Fee: $300

Required: Wrestling shoes, headgear, USA Wrestling Membership

Click here to register for a USA Wrestling Membership


Upon registration, you will receive an invitation to join the online community for this program on the Team Snap application.

Practice Format and Rules

Practices will be on the third floor of the Glasser building. Access if available on the front door until 6pm and then via the back door after the front door is locked.  Park in the parking deck located near the Cobb Parkway entrance.  The facility is the first building on your left when you walk out of the deck.  

Practice Rules
  • It is great to have parents spectating during practice, but please refrain from coaching your child from the stands.  Coaches will be hammering away at these kids all practice, so we need the parents to be the positive reinforcement for them.

  • Wrestlers and parents are not permitted in the weight room on second floor

  • Street shoes are not permitted on the wrestling mats. Heels are not permitted anywhere in the wrestling room. The grey walking mats are for walking.  Please don’t let your child walk outside in their wrestling shoes.

  • Wrestlers should bath after every practice and tournament. Hibiclens is additional over the counter protection from ringworm. Ringworm is treated with Lotrimin over the counter.

  • Wrestlers nails should be cut short for every practice and tournament.

  • Nutrition before and after practices is very important. Please make sure your wrestler is not arriving hungry. Water bottles are important. Nutrition after practice will likely be needed.

  • Weight scales are available after any practice to check weights.

  • Practices will include learning fundamentals, body weight exercises (pushups, etc), strength training, endurance training and LIVE (simulation one on one wrestling matches).


All team communication will occur via the Team Snap application (mobile and internet). Wrestler families should update the application with wrestler photo, emails, and mobile phone numbers for all family members (Please add extended family or employees: grandparents, nanny, etc, anyone who may pick up or drop off the wrestler). This will be the access point for any school closings, wrestling event cancellations, etc.

Wrestling tournaments, dual meets, and practices will be pre-loaded for the entire season and the expectation is that each parent will mark their wrestler’s availability for the event.  This will help us coordinate coaches and matchups for the events. Each event will have an associated location and times on when your kids should arrive to the event, so please plan appropriately for away events. 

Families are encouraged to upload photos to Lion Youth Wrestling Facebook group and Instagram page.

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